7/3: Discernment between Good and Evil

1 Kings 1:50-53

Solomon did not punish or put Adonijah to death immediately because of his actions. He wanted to make sure Adonijah was evil before sentencing him to death. And if there’s good in him, Solomon will allow him to live. Solomon was exhibiting the merciful nature of God in this.

1. Be merciful and find out what is the motive behind the action. Sometimes when the act is bad we have to wait or find out more before making decisions.
2. Things I need to see objectively. And to see it objectively I need to take time to make decisions and also consult others. Don’t rush into things.
a. Concerns from PABA about Young Band.
b. My decision to study ministry overseas.
c. PCC making decisions that I don’t agree with.
d. Weekday cell group gatherings.

Dear Lord, pray that I will learn to make decisions that please You, to view things from Your perspective, and to have the patience to take things at Your pace instead of mine.


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