8/3: The Most Precious Inheritance

1 Kings 2:1-9

David’s focus is in observing what God requires. God required the Israelites to keep the law, and David knew that as long as the head, who is the King, keeps the law, the people will do the same. Hence David is handing the responsibility over to Solomon. He has gone through the period of chaos when Saul disobeyed God and also when he himself disobeyed God and he has experienced the pain of disobedience.

I thought to myself what is the thing that God requires us today. Is it to keep the law?
I think it’s a both YES and NO.

NO if it’s only to keep the law. If it is, then why when the rich young ruler kept the laws, and when Jesus asked him to give up his riches and follow God, he wasn’t able to do it.

YES if it’s used to measure how close we are to God. God is looking to change us from inside out and it’s our heart that needs to be realigned to God. And we do that by growing close to God can our hearts be changed. I was reminded of the most important commandment that Jesus mentioned, and that is “To love the Lord our God will all your heart, all your soul, all your mind. And to love others as ourselves.”

Keeping the law seems like a by-product of a life in God. And unless we abide in Him, we will not be able to do what God requires us to do.

1. Need to grow closer to God and to measure it by how much I desire to follow God’s ways
2. Once I am close to God, my life will constantly reflect God’s heart and that will influence the people that I lead.

Dear God, May I keep close to you always. I pray that I will set aside time to pray, to draw close to You so that I constantly learn to rely on You for all the things that I am doing.


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