20/3: Acknowledge God Daily

1 Kings 5:1-6
Solomon explained his plans to Hiram even though Hiram was a Gentile. Solomon was not fearful or embarrassed about letting Hiram know why he needed the cedars. Solomon also gave thanks to God for the peace that He has, and not attribute it to David or himself. He was generous enough to pay Hiram the wages that was due him, as he recognized the skills of the Sidonians and wanted the best for God.

Note (Just some interesting things I found about Cedar Trees)
Cedar Trees – evergreen, beautiful, aromatic, wide spreading, slow growing, long lived and having many uses.
– This is typically used to describe a Christian
Cedar Wood – reddish colour, has a bitter taste, aromatic odour, offensive to insects, and very durable

1) To constantly recognize the blessings of God in my life. To give thanks for these things.
– Margaret, parents, colleagues, lay leaders, etc.
2) To be bold in declaring my profession and my life in serving God. To have more conversations with people about my faith and what I am working as.
3) To do my best in honouring him with my time and money.

Dear God, may I be like the cedar tree, to have the fragrance of Christ wherever I go, to have perseverance in my service for you so that I can be evergreen and having a long life. Help me to be patient (slow growing) so that You can accomplish things in Your time. And may I be used by you in many many ways to bless others.


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