22/3: Participating in God’s Work

To me the reason why Gentile nations participate in the building of God’s temple reminded me that everybody wants to be something that is bigger than themselves. When we rally people to build something significant, people would want to be part of it. It also reminded me that God’s temple is for everyone and not just for the Israelites.

Solomon showed wisdom in building God’s temple. He did the following:-
1) Organized tasks (labourers, carriers, stonecutters)
2) Mobilized people (30,000, 70,000, 80,000 and 3,300 foremen)
3) Strive for excellence in the building of the temple (best craftsmen, best wood)
4) Build a strong foundation even though it will probably not be seen by many (v17)

When we build the church, we need to build it with excellence. We need to be organized, be able to rally and mobilize people to build the church together. Also, we need to make sure we build it on the foundation of Jesus.


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