24/3: Faith that Gives All

1 Kings 7:1-51

Solomon went out and sought the best person (Huram) to do the work to build the temple. Solomon used the best materials and a lot of it to build the temple. He did not hold back when he gave to the Lord. He also faithfully put the things his father dedicated to the Lord into the treasury. From what I see that Solomon did, he gave his best when building God’s temple.

Give like Solomon. Be like Solomon. With the time and work that’s given to me, I need to put in my best in building the church. It doesn’t mean that I do everything myself too. It means finding the right people (in this case Huram) to do the work. It also means I shouldn’t be too caught up with the things I give to the Lord.

Dear God, give me a heart like Solomon to want the best for your kingdom and to give my best to make it happen. Help me to find the people that you want to serve and encourage them to serve you with their talents as well.


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