27/3: God’s Unseen Help

Ps 94:16-23

The psalmist was able to rejoice in times of suffering because God’s love supported Him, and God’s consolation brought him joy. God has become His fortress and His refuge. He knows that God is just and will uphold justice in the end.

God has been my refuge and strength in my ministry. I have been trying my best to listen to God and obeying Him when I do ministry so when I’m misunderstood I am better able to trust God in guiding me through. I do get disappointed when I see leaders in the ministry feeling cynical or stagnant or lost even when things in church are changing for the better. God has been my encouragement through all these, and definitely there are people who have been encouraging me on this journey as well. I do pray for more people to see what God has for ASC, and to have greater faith to trust that He will make it happen through our limited resources.


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