28/3: Reason To Worship

Ps 95:1-11

God is described as the Rock of our salvation, the great King above all gods, who created the earth, who is our Creator, and our Shepherd. The psalmist wanted to remind them of the what their ancestors did, how their hearts have gone astray even though they have witnessed God’s miraculous powers in Egypt.

Always remind myself of the things God has done in my life (it’s difficult cause I’m forgetful). And to continue to trust in Him and not to complain when things turn out bad and lose faith in God. I realize that I’m not so easily discouraged, but I’m easily heartbroken. I’m heartbroken when I see people stray from God, when people lose sight of who God is because of the people and things around them that discourage them. I’m also heartbroken when people don’t value their lives because God created us to be so precious and in His image. I realized that when I’m heartbroken because of them I turn to God so much more than I used to. I turn to God to ask Him to strengthen me and to use to me to lift people up and to be Jesus to them. I know I’m not perfect but God can use me because he is my rock, my great God, and my Shepherd. And when I see people getting encouraged when I spend time with them, I have more and more reasons to worship this true and living God.


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