God opening up Doors

Just something to share that I was really blessed today.

I was wanting to meet up with Bishop to share my desire to go Alphacrusis College to study theology/ministry. I was afraid cause Bishop, and other Reverends all advised me previously to study in TTC cause they all feel that studying in a local college would be better cause of the culture and also the people that I would work together in the future and also the exposure to the local churches will be better for me if I were to be in full time ministry all my life. I also worried that if I were to study overseas and not ‘listen’ to them then I might not get any support from All Saints’ Church, which would be quite a disappointing thing for me cause I still have a heart to serve the church.

Surprisingly though, the meet-up with Bishop was amazing. Bishop was open to listening to my desire to go to Hillsong (He doesn’t know the difference between Alphacrusis College and Hillsong) to study, and that he will ask the manpower dept to support me with the amount similar to what they would if I were to study locally. And the rest I would need to top it up myself. But he also asked me what I would do if I decide not to come back. I told him that I would return the money to church if I decide not to come back. He was very open to it and said he’ll discuss with the manpower dept in July/Aug this year and settle it just in case he will be moved out of ASC. I’m so glad that he’s open to this and hopefully for the next generation of youths who want to study what God wants them to, the church will be more open to that as well. God is really opening up doors for me to go overseas and study theology. And I’m really thankful for it.


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