3/4: God Did It

1 Kings 8:12-21

Even though everyone would think Solomon built the temple, he knew that David was the one who had the intention and that God gave him the wisdom to maintain peace in his time so that he can successfully built it.

Solomon was humble enough to give the credit to David and God even though the people probably saw Solomon as the one who built it. Recently I have been meditating upon this and I do find we have actually another problem among us and that is that we always give credit to God when someone praises or thank us for something and we don’t want to take any credit for it. There is a danger in thinking we are insignificant and thus diminishing our own value. I believe a healthy person is able to credit yourself when you put in your best effort and you manage to do something well. God did the same for creation as well. He created something and pat himself on the back and said it was good. However we also need to recognize the provision of God. The danger does not lie in patting ourselves on the back and being sastified in our work. The danger lies in not recognizing that God is in the midst of everything and God is the ultimate source of our strength and our abilities. The amazing thing that I discovered is that when I put in effort to minister and do God’s work, He always multiplies the effort and accomplishes more than what my effort can accomplish. And in that I give thanks.

Dear God, help me to learn to honour myself when it’s appropriate and always learn to honour You and give thanks to You for all that I’m able to accomplish. Help me never to forget it is Your grace and Your mercy that I’m able to love You, love others and myself.


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