4/4: Will God Dwell on Earth

1 Kings 8:22-30

Solomon describes God as one who keeps the covenant of love with people who follow Him wholeheartedly. He reminds himself and in turn the people to follow God faithfully. Solomon knew that God cannot be contained in temple so he asks for God to listen to the prayers that he and his people pray when they are at the temple.

God to dwell on earth. This is an absurb thing because God is so majestic and glorious so for God to be willing to come and dwell in the temple shows so much love for His people and so much humility. God came and dwelt in the temple. Jesus came to earth and dwelt among us. The Holy Spirit is now living in our bodies which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The triune God so desires and wants to dwell among us to allow us to enjoy His presence that gives abundance of joy and peace. May we never take that for granted and always ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit each and every day. That we might live each day fully aware of His presence and obey His voice and His commands.

Dear God, thank you for wanting to live among us and now in each and every believer on earth. Help me to be in awe that you the God that even the highest heavens cannot contain is willing to dwell in this imperfect temple that has been cleansed by the blood of Jesus.
Pray that I will live by the power of the Holy Spirit which is in me and follow God in all my ways.


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