​8/4: True and Joyful Worship

1 Kings 8:62-66


5 Offerings in Leviticus

1) Burnt Offering

– Dedication of one’s life before the Lord, also to atone for people’s sin against the Lord. 

2) Grain Offering

– Express thanksgiving in recognition of God’s provision and unmerited goodwill toward the person making the sacrifice.

3) Peace Offering (Fellowship)

– Sacrifice of thanksgiving and fellowship

– vow offering, thanksgiving offering, freewill offering

4) Sin Offering

– To atone for unintentional sins.

5) Trespass Offering

– To atone for unintentional sins that required reimbursement to an offended part, or cleansing from defiling sins or physical uncleanliness

The 1st 3 types of sacrifice are voluntary and the last 2 are mandatory. So we can see that what Solomon offered that was extravagant was really an offering out of an overflow of his heart to the Lord since it is not required. And when Solomon did that, it was with so much rejoicing and gladness, not only from himself, but from the Israelites. 


As a leader, as I live my life dedicating myself to God and giving thanks always, my life will not only be joyful, but it would cause the people around me to give thanks to the Lord as well. 

I managed to talk to Nicholas (AHS student), Darren and Welin yesterday, and prayed for Weilin, Yongfa, Michelle, Kaixuen and also the worship team for the Lent Revival Meeting. I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to talk to them, guide them along, and pray with and for them. I don’t have a thousand offerings to give but what I have I do give and I know God will bless and multiple what I’m doing for Him using what He has given me.
I’m praying for a breakthrough in PABA and I hope what we’re doing today will cause their hearts to stir a little more for what God is doing in our church.


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