18/04: Taken by Worldly Success

1 Kings 9:10 – 14

I assumed that King Solomon knew that the towns were worthless but he needed to fulfill the contract to Hiram. So we see how Solomon had tried to ‘wise’ in that only he benefitted from the deal. This was in contrast from previously where he looked out for Hiram’s benefit as well. Seems like Solomon’s heart was slowly changing after building his own temple. This reminded me of Kong Hee and how I believe he started to build the church with so much wisdom and love but ended up doing things that were not wise and end up breaking the law. God wants us to be successful but we need to learn to control it well or if not it would control us. Staying humble and always keeping our relationship with God close is the only way to keep us grounded. He will write His laws in our hearts.

Dear God, I pray that in times where you allow me to be successful that I will still focus on you. I pray that I will have friends around me like Nathan who will remind me when I do deviate from the path that you have called me and have the humility to listen always.


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