19/04: Between Prosperity and Holiness

1 Kings 9:15-28

We see previously how extravagant Solomon was with his offerings to God and now he is only extravagant in building things for his kingdom. We also see how he is putting his faith in securing peace and his kingdom when he starts to build many chariots, charioteers and horses. We can always do what’s right on the surface (like how Solomon did not make any slaves out of the Israelites, and fulfilled the temple obligations) but what is in our hearts will reveal itself in our other actions and behaviour. Even we if read the bible, come to church, pray, do ministry, serve God, (etc do the right things in a Christian eyes) we need to check our hearts to see if we are still doing things for God joyfully and giving extravagantly to Him, or are we serving just out of duty.

Dear God, may my life be filled with thanksgiving for your love and grace and my service to you be an expression of my love for you. Yes sometimes I may do things out of duty and responsibility when I don’t ‘feel’ like it but I pray that it will cause me to come to you and renew my heart so that I can serve out of a heart of thanksgiving.


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