24/4: Spiritual Protection Destroyed

1 Kings 11:4-13

v6 really stood out to me a lot during today’s devotion. Solomon did not follow the Lord completely, as David did. But however David did sin, he did fall, he did lust, commit adultery and murder. Yet God called him a man after his heart and a man that followed God completely.

In v9 God said Solomon’s heart had turned away from God and he did not want to obey God’s command even when God appeared to tell him. Twice. In v11 God talked about Solomon’s poor attitude towards God’s laws and decrees and hence ended up in not obeying them.

3 question I asked myself
1. Is my heart turned to God? Do I come to Him with my joys, my struggles, my pain?
2. What is my attitude towards God’s commands? Do I think I can get away using my own wisdom or intelligence or do I value God’s laws above society’s and my own’s?
3. Do I keep God’s commands? Do I seek to obey God in all my ways and honour Him as the Lord of my life?


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