25/4: Inheriting Hardships

1 Kings 11:14-22

We need to recognize God’s hand of protection over everything that we have. God is a God that is still working in our lives, pouring our His blessings into all that we are doing. Solomon might have thought that it is his wisdom that brings about the peace all around him, and that he no longer needed God since he refused to listen to God when God appeared to him. If God removes His hand of protection, no matter how wise we are or how well we can manage things, it will eventually end up bad. We need to be sensitive to our God who is in control of everything that we are doing. If it’s going well, give thanks for His hand has been protecting and giving us the results that we see. If it’s not going well, we need to stay faithful to what He has called us to do and God will take care of the results.

Reflecting upon the church and that the spiritual climate is slowly changing is a good sign that we are heading to where God wants us to go. Today as I watched Bishop Rennis preached a sermon about allowing space for God and allowing for His Spirit to flow, I was really touched that God spoke to me in the same way that He wanted me to encourage the youths to be open to the power of the Holy Spirit and hence last PABA I shared about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Joann who is the student from TTC came to talk to me randomly on Sun as well to discuss about what happened in PABA and she encouraged me in that aspect as well and her husband also told me how they encouraged their leaders to prophesy as well. It seems like God is affirming what I’m doing cause I’m actually quite fearful of what I’m doing. Continue to pray that we learn to build each other up using the gifts God has given us.


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