2/5: Who Do You Listen To?

1 Kings 12:10-17

I listen to advice from different people because of their different experiences and expertise. I realized that godly advice and good advice is different, and I also found that even when giving advice that could be based on the bible, we needed sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to guide us through the process. It cannot be just an intellectual or theological debate for Christians when making decisions. I realized this when I was talking to a 传道 (CD) about someone on whether he should do a gap year and study ministry in between his university studies. Cause he needed to quit as the university would not give him a break from his studies. The CD’s opinion would be to to continue on his studies as he should finish what he has started, and go after that (which I think it is wise), yet I think he should take a break as he is trying to pursue God in his life and this gap year would help him tremedously to help him navigate his future. I also think he should trust that God will help him get back to his studies should God thinks he should continue. His parents are not agreeable to this but I adviced him to pray until his parents are ok with it, which is also a sign that God is opening a door for him.

Thank God that we have people around us who can give us advice and thank God giving us the Holy Spirit as our greatest counsellor. I need to seek Him so that I am able to give godly advice to people and also be open to listen to godly advice from people. I need to have a heart of humility that I may not be right and be always open to correction from others.


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