4/5: Popularity and Convenience

1 Kings 12:25-33

Jeroboam started to sin because he had wrong thoughts/assumptions (v26-27) in his mind. He did not align his thoughts on what God promised him in 1 Kings 11:38 but sought to do things his way instead. Then he committed wrong actions by making the 2 golden calves and establishing them as gods , built shrines on high places and appointing non-Levites as priest. He further went on to establish wrong habits for himself and the people by instituting wrong dates for festivals. Jeroboam did all these to win the hearts of the people that he was leading so that he can continue to be king. Selfish desires will give way to wrong thoughts/assumptions which will give way to wrong actions and then wrong habits would develop because of it.

God placed His Spirit within me and has given me His Word. I need to constantly remind myself of His word and His promises to me. I want to stay constantly close to Him so that God can guide me in His ways. I want to make sure that they things that I do does not have selfish desires, so that I do not develop the wrong habits because of those actions. Pray that I will have a heart that is set apart to do His will and my actions and habits will always reflect the heart I have for Him.


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