5/5: No Compromise in the Truth

1 Kings 13:1-10

Our God in the old testament is merciful and loving, even though that there were a lot of killings and stuff, we see in several instances, that God always wanted to prevent sin and death by warning the Kings when they turn away from Him. God’s heart is always for us to turn back to Him, but he loves us so much he lets us make the choice. God gave the man of God commands like not to eat bread or drink water to protect him from participating in what King Jeroboam was doing so that he would not be defiled.

To know that God is a loving and merciful God and that His commands are ultimately for our benefit and our good. For us to live an abundant life and to experience God’s goodness, obeying God is a must. God is so loving that He will always send us reminders and warnings if we ever do turn away from Him. Let us be sensitive like David, and in times where we are warned, let us turn back to Him. God can also use us like how he used the man of God to warn our brothers and sisters in Christ to turn away from their sins when we see them. We need to be bold to do that when the time arises and not to partake in the sin that they are doing.


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