10/5: Thrusting God Behind

1 Kings 14:1-10

Jeroboam was a person who probably initially did honour God as he named his son Abijah which means “God is my father”. Hence God raised him up and made him a leader over Israel. He did not trust in God’s word telling him that he will be king over the 10 tribes of Israel and feared that they would go back to Rehoboam king of Judah instead.

Knowing that I’m in ministry and leading the worship team and student/youth ministry is a gift from God and not because of my abilities. It is something that He has called me to do. And having a heart that honours God and obeys Him is something that is more important that anything that I think I can do for God. To get rid of my ‘idols’ I do need to put God as a priority, to have daily devotions with God, to have a consistent Sabbath time, and to spend time praying, reading His Word and obey His promptings for me. I need to be humble to listen when others warn me about things and always seek to go back to God to listen to Him when that happens.


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