15/5: Full Commitment, Full Holiness

1 Kings 15:9-15, 2 Chronicles 14:1-19

Asa did what was pleasing and right in the eyes of the Lord. In 2 Chronicles 14:1-19 there were greater details to what he did that pleased the Lord. He not only removed what was evil in the eyes of God, but he commanded the people to seek to the Lord, and to obey God’s laws and commands. In these 10 years God gave Judah peace because Asa’s heart was fully committed to God.
– God gives us peace when we are committed to follow God.

Asa deposed his grandmother Maacah from her position as queen. This is something that might be seen as being disrespectful of elders in the eyes of people. However, Asa did this because he wanted to follow God with all his heart. Sometimes God calls us to do things that might incur a lot of bad/negative comments, but He wants us to follow Him with all our heart and not be afraid to do so when such times arise.
– Being fully committed to God even when it may seem bad in other people’s eyes.

When I think of Asa, I see a person committed to God because he was bent on obeying God’s command. Today, our greatest commandment from God is to love God and to love others as ourselves. Are we committed to doing that? Are we committed to loving God? Are we committed to loving people as ourselves? I am reminded of how God is fully committed to loving his people in the OT (sending prophets, speaking to the king personally, showing so much grace and mercy before He punishes them) and now is fully committed to loving us as well. The greatest action of love is to live a sacrificial life like how Jesus did, and He calls us now to do the same.


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