22/5: How God Sees Wordly Success

1 Kings 16:21-28

God wants to see us succeed in our lives and God wants our success to be testimony to His goodness and provision. We see it in the old testament of how God blessed the kings and the people when they obey Him and see the consequences when they don’t. However, when we try to achieve success in ways that are dishonourable and evil, we are actually putting success as an idol, and we will reap the dire consequences of it. Pursue success, so that we can honour God and bless others because of it. Do not pursue success just because of our own selfish gains.

Success to me now is when God uses my life impacts the lives of others. It breaks my heart when I see people falling away from God or is so distant from God and I get so encouraged when I see people growing closer to God or have a close relationship with Him. I do hope that I can continue to be a person that shows people what it means to obey God and live a life that is so exciting, so purposeful and so rewarding such that others want to do the same for Him as well.

Dear God, let me seek every opportunity I can to strengthen, encourage and comfort people so that we can all grow closer to God in the process. Let me view success as how you see it and not as how the world sees.


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