24/5: Worship with Gladness and Thanksgiving

Psalm 100:1-5

Who God is
1. Good
2. Loving (love endures forever)
3. Faithful (faithfulness continues through all generations)

Who God is to us
1. Creator (who made us)
2. Master (we are His)
3. King (we are His people)
4. Shepherd (we are sheep of His pasture)

“Worship comes from the correct knowledge of who God is and what kind of relationship we have with Him.” This is so true. Sometimes I end up complaining about things or the situations I have to go through because I have forgotten who God is. I can only truly come into God’s presence with gladness and thanksgiving if I remember that God is good, loving and faithful. He is a God that does things for my good, shows unconditional love towards me and is faithful to me till the very end. And the reason why He shows his characteristics to me is because of the relationship He has with me. It is not based on what I can do or what I cannot do, or how good or how bad I think I am. God made me to have a relationship with Him, so that I can enjoy His love and all that He has for me. When I remember and believe this in my heart, I will start to praise and thank Him for who He is and who He is to me.


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