26/5: Do Not Hide Your Face from Me

Ps 102:1-11

For the psalmist, the worst fear is that God had turned His face away from him, and ignore his cries out to Him. He is afraid that God has abandoned him, and he comes to God and cry out to Him.

However, when we read the Bible, we see how God wants to be among his people. First through walking in the garden of Eden, the temples and tabernacles, and then through Jesus walking among us, and then through the Holy Spirit living inside us. We see how God wants to reach out to us. God promises us that “Seek and you will find” and “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. Yet we find ourselves believing that God sometimes abandon us for our good. I used to believe that. That God in His will gives (not allow) us suffering so that we can grow. So when I am suffering I do not go to God that much because I am just suppose to grow through it. Now I believe that God doesn’t want me to go through suffering, but he can use it for my good as long as I go to Him for strength and depend on Him to go through it. It’s a small perspective change but it changes how I approach God.

May I always remember that You will never leave nor forsake me and that I trust in Your unfailing love, especially in times of pain and suffering.


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