3/6: You Belong To God

1 Kings 17:17-24

The widow was quick to forget the daily food provision that God provided her and her son with food or maybe she thought that the miracle was for Elijah and she and her son was just benefitting from it. Once the tragedy of her son dying struck her, she blamed Elijah/God because she thought God might be punishing her for her sin by killing her son. However, we see God have mercy on this widow by bringing her son back from the dead. This helped the widow to see the truth about Elijah and God.

I was reminded to take note of all the small miracles that happen around me and not let the problems/issues of my life overwhelm me and try to put the blame on others or on God. I recalled a book that I read that reminded me to think that every problem that I have is a potential miracle waiting to happen. That allows me to pray differently, and with the faith that God is moving and will change things. Let me be more like Elijah, to trust in God more and more and go to God always because He loves me and His mercies and indeed new every morning.


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